While humans incur progress through iteration, there hasn’t been a fundamental leap of human foundational progress in quite some time. Of the progress made, most is near completely focused on the increased consumption of humanity– through the cannibalization of time and attention.

Today, we find ourselves very much locked into past ideas, retroactively applying current knowledge and debating opinions. So sinister, so ingrained, we find easy; easy; Locked into ideation about the potentiality of doing, while becoming adverse to iterative; experiential learning. 

The best and brightest minds are working on the market share of attention and currency; or worse, locked into risk averse thinking due to decades of the decline in believing the impossible and making it so.

This rot is so pervasive, so non-obvious, it is largely baked into our current individual/group operating model– without shared, understood, and slow changing cultural norms; there is no way to create something larger than ourselves. This is evidenced as an astonishing rise in populism and individuality… but you do you.

What culture exists is so mirrored to a nearly invisible, layered, and vast infrastructure of anti-culture. Platforms designed to keep your attention; to divide its victims into non-diverse groups with dedicated reinforcement of thought and idea; plastered with a veneer of uniqueness to appeal to our innermost vanity. 

The cultural evolution, near invisible, with the smallest of progress due to the subjugation of reinforcement mechanisms… we find ourselves on the unannounced precipice of a reality ‘so good,’ we dare to never ask what if. We dare not do.

We compete against each other and ourselves; gone are bold ideas for fear of the offended, fear of misunderstanding, or the failed state of competition for attention… with culture in atrophy; art can simply not exist.

We at 3reate seek to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas, to break down verticals, and cross fields; to empower people to invent the next future.

Join us.