Together, we will create a new foundation to spur the next 100 years of human innovation.

Our Mission:

To foster a platform for innovators in art, science, and technology; where collaborative mentorship and open resource exchanges cultivate groundbreaking innovation. We aim to empower the creation and application of actionable ideas that drive progress and tangible outcomes across disciplines.

Our Goals:

To physically assemble the best creative minds in art, science, and tech(nology) while providing a digital asynchronous platform

To spur innovation through cross disciplinary interactions that challenge contemporary assumptions

To encourage the iteration and spread of actionable ideas that include “yes and’s” from other disciplines

Words Have Meaning


attempting the expression/application of human creativity/imagination to invoke emotion/ideation


the active observation/study of something that produces testable theories supported by observed/studied evidence


being directly involved in the act of creating novel physical/digital tools/platforms that enable people to create

Our Methods

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